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She Has the Time, Talent, and Tenacity to Deliver Results that Matter for ALL Newporters

As The Byrds sang, “... there’s a season and a time to every purpose…” - the time has come to put my decades of knowledge in Newport’s civic life to use. I’ve declared my candidacy for a Newport City Council at- large seat to offer my time, talent, and tenacity to set Newport in a new direction.

As the campaign gets underway, I’m excited to catch up with old friends and meet many new people. By listening to residents’ concerns and discussing solutions, a vision for a better Newport will emerge. Together, let’s build a brighter economic future, buoyed by a more diversified economy, a superior teaching and learning system, a welcoming culture, and a high-performing government.


For too long, our city leaders have talked about improvement plans, be they infrastructure, economic or educational. I am going to take these idle words and dusty reports back to the policy-making table and ask “What’s it going to take to implement them?” If answers are feeble excuses, I promise to continue pushing for results!


COVID-19 changes everything. Last March, in a matter of days, it felt like the earth stopped rotating. With no notice, we all were forced to change how we lived, worked, participated in society, and perhaps the most challenging, how we educated our children. This emergency “pause” caused us to think ahead, to prioritize what mattered, and embrace new directions.


This opportunity to reimagine our value as a city of beauty, heritage, and immense diversity, can not be ignored. Now is the perfect time to elect energetic new leadership, with undeterred foresight and determination to fashion a more resilient, just, and prosperous future for all Newporters!

In order for our community, to thrive, today, tomorrow, and for generations to come, we must build durable bridges into our neighborhoods and with our businesses. It is time to modernize the way we “do” public education, expand economic opportunities into 21st Century areas, and adopt better practices to shore up our vulnerable infrastructure and environmental exposures. Finally, we need to vastly overhaul and update our municipal services for higher effectiveness and efficiency.